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Report / Upgrade List for Shapespark

Good afternoon people,

After market research, we are listing some items needed to meet the needs of the public

I believe that some steps are already possible through script, so if someone can help me, I will be grateful.

you can add me on whatsapp

+55 (011) 960145477

1 - Increase in the limit of participants in a meeting. (this is very, very important)

2 - Possibility of increasing the camera’s transmission screen individually

3 - Possibility of a player controlling the video texture of all the others simultaneously (very important)

4 - Possibility of editing individual volume of audios and videos

5 - Possibility of real-time updating in small texture editions

6 - Possibility to “Follow” a user as guided darkness

7 - Possibility for each member of the meeting to start on a pre-defined camera (for everyone not to enter, one on top of the other)

8 - Implementation of a command hierarchy system, action limits for each relative

9- possibility of splitting screen side by side

    • possibility of screen sharing

11 - check mobile loading bug from 5 million polygons

12 - possibility to move a participant with your mouse (drag)

13- more pointer options for sample virtual item (today we only have a dotted hand)

14 - host controlling participants’ voices (muting voices)

Thank you very much for the feedback, we will take it into account when planning the future development of meetings. In the next release we will be releasing a ‘screen sharing’ option from your list.