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Request for a ONE-TIME-ONLY-Payment for self host files?

Hi noob here, before I decide to pay the subs(the 19$ one), I have some request for the awesome dev team, could you guys please consider taking these requests and make it happen? Thanks

  • I know the plus subs(99$ one) has the ability to export those self host files, but what if I just want to export only once? Do I have to change my subscription from 19$ to 99$ one, then export those files? and then cancel the subs and go back to 19$ because I just want the files? So my request is, do you guys consider making a kind of “one-time-only” for those export files?(I mean you can charge for per export of cause) or maybe someone with the plus subscription willing to help?
  • A mini navigation map on the right top corner will be awesome!
  • Possible to export as a standalone exe file just like Enscape did!

Also I have small questions about the subscription

  • what if the subscription expired? does it means client will no longer having any chance to visit those works hosting on unless I re-subscribe again?


Hi @kevinshane.

Welcome to the forum and thanks for your suggestions!

We do not have plans for per self-hosting bundle pricing, so currently to create just one bundle you’d have to take the steps you describe: upgrade your subscription to the Plus plan, create a bundle, and downgrade the subscription back to the Starter plan.

When your subscription expires, the scenes hosted on will become unavailable, and you’ll have to re-subscribe to make them work again.

As for the mini navigation map and standalone executable export, these features are under our consideration, however they are not very likely to be implemented in the near future.