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[Request] Two much needed quality of life features

Hey Shapespark dev team, very happy with the product, but could use a few QoL features that would really make life easier for developing on Shapespark. I’ve put a wishlist below:

  1. Ctrl+Click&Drag in XYZ movement boxes to raise/lower number to move lights, objects, elements, etc. Clicking the tiniest of micro up/down arrows is a major pain, and they sort of bug out after a few clicks.

  2. Rotatable Light Probes, to better fit environments, especially those with 45 degree corridors or spaces.

These two would really help speed things up.

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Thank you for the requests.

I know that we have already promised improving (1) long time ago and we still haven’t managed to get to it, but we will do it.

Regarding (2) . The light probe based reflection system is a simplification that allows to get somehow correct reflections in real time by doing cube texture lookups in shaders. Rotating light probe bounding boxes is not just a matter of providing UI controls for such rotation, we will need to figure out if it is possible to efficiently use such non axis aligned boxes in shaders. We will keep this request in mind while working on improvements in reflection shaders, but it is not something that can be done easily.

Just to add another point of view I think a better solution would be implementation of reflection probes blending that would allow to dissolve hard borders between probes. Do you think @jan that it is a possible option?

Such blending is doable, describes several possible approaches to do it. It would require a new way of passing cubemap textures to Shapespark shaders. Currently Shapespark assigns one cubemap texture to each object. To blend, one object would need to have multiple cubemap textures (likely with support for cubmap texture atlases to improve performance).

Great to hear it would be possible! I think it would improve the overall quality of reflections a lot. One cubemap for one mesh is also quite limiting for bigger objects like floors and ceiling structures that not always can be split into smaller parts because of lightmap artifacts.

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