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Revit Files & ShapeSpark

I’m working with a new potential client who uses Revit 2020, we’re using Revit 2021.

They’ve provided me with a sample of a job along with a folder full of textures, when I open the Revit file the job doesn’t show any of the textures applied to the building.

We don’t use Revit at all, we only have it in order to try and win this clients business. Obviously for ShapeSpark to work the textures need to be on the model when it imports it.

Does anyone know if there is a way to link a Revit file to a folder of textures? With any luck linking it will just make it all magically work lol.

Thought I would ask here before going back to the client.


If you hover the mouse pointer over a texture setting in the Revit’s Material Browser, it will show you a full path of the texture. IIRC, it works also for missing textures, so it should guide you where to put the folders you received together with the model.