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Revit test, geometry not smoothed out

Hello, we are doing some tests with Revit, but we have this problem where objects with a lot of geometry are not getting smoothed out, is there a way to fix this?


Are the polygons visible only after baking? When you open the scene right after importing it from Revit, so without a lightmap, is the bed smooth?

Hello, yes, this is only visible after baking.

Would it be possible for you to send us a Revit model containing only the bed? It looks that the bed geometry is smooth but adjacent polygons use separate vertices that are not exactly the same position. This leads to each polygon being baked separately and causes visible edges between polygons.

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Sure I will PM you three Revit 3D models that have this problem. But we have found that any object that has a lot of geometry in Revit suffers this after being exported from to Shapespark. Thank you!

When you open the first bed in Revit and view it without textures you will see that the geometry of the bed isn’t smooth, but consists of triangles joined with hard edges:

Do your beds and chair models come from other software than Revit? Unfortunately, it looks that the smoothing information is lost already when a foreign 3D model is imported to Revit: How can I smooth faces at imported models from 3ds Max? - Revit Forum