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Rotate the light probe

is there any option to rotate the light probe?
for some reason it is not alignment

The boxes are aligned with X, Y, Z axes, so if it is possible you need to rotate the model in the 3D modeling program to make it also axis aligned.

Hey @jan, it would be great if the lightprobes could be rotated. I often have problems with them aligned to x, y, z axes because it is quite often when we have to make presentations of spaces that are not all aligned to one axis but for example follow an arc or have some part rotated by an angle

Yes, for some models it is not possible to axis align all rooms, but rotated light probes are not very straight forward to support. They would require some additional shader logic, I’m not yet fully sure how complex it would be (At minimum each light probe would need to have an additional rotation vector passed to the shaders that would be taken into account while calculating reflection direction).

Anyway, we will keep this is mind when we will be working on other improvements in the reflections system.

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