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Rougness sharp reflexion issue ( solved )

Hi everyone, i have something i can t deal with

i have a roughness reflexion issues since i started ShapesPark few day ago

i like update much my scene and i use maya as 3d program

i can encounter this type of artefact and i cant identify why it happend
i take this exemple but it happend to me everytimes when i update my scene cause i want change assets sometimes after calculating the first lightmap ( generaly in low level )

it happend only in reflexion of course roughness channel is mapless
and when roughness is set to 1 i have no artefact on basecolor

its simple plan so i guess my uv isnt involved …i guess it was my export
so i checked in maya :
every model are without modification history and their pivot is on center
there is no parameter information about scale translate and rotate everything is set to 0 except scale all are 1 … so it’s not crazy scaling like it happend sometimes
i guess it was name issue at first like i deleter mirror_geo import another asset call it mirror_geo
so i upgrade name every times i remove and add new model

i think recalculate lightmap should work but nothing
work except restart from zero and reset all light reflexion map shader and your customisation

i read little the forum but after a while to read i didnt find similar case so my error is something dumb i guess


Would you be able to share a link to the uploaded version of this scene here or with

Reflections generated by the engine are approximate, this article describes various limitations of the reflections: but just looking at the screenshot I’m not sure if yo have encountered one of these limitations or some other problem.

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Well I hope someone can find the solution for it because I am facing a similar issue.

Hi guys,
i found the solution and it was pretty dumb
you wont even need my scene

its human error ( of course )
i add a reflexion sphere and like in unreal it s not convering all parts, my only one reflexion sphere grab interior … so i add a reflexion sphere in exterior and boom worked like a charm

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