Safari browser version less than 15. can't change the material

Hi Shapepsark Team! Hope you are all well.

I have 1 error but don’t know why:

For large version safari browser “15.” then it works fine but with minor version 15. is it not ok ?
For example:

  • I have a material named ‘Floor-1’ and I want to change the baseColorTexture for it:
    Image I want to change: attached Floor-1.png
  • Safari browser with version 15.4: it works fine and changes color just as I expected (attached safari-version-15-4.png)

  • Safari browser with version 14.1: it doesn’t work well and it automatically turns black (attached safari-version-14-1.png)

I write code like this:

var img = “” ;
var texture = viewer.createTextureFromHtmlImage(img);
var material = viewer.findMaterial(“Floor-1”);
material.baseColorTexture = texture;

Hi, older Safaris require textures loaded via Shapespark API to have power of two dimensions. See this discussion: [API] Resolution of a texture when changing via script

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Hi Jan,
Thank you for your reply.