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Safari not working to view models


I have noticed that within the past month or so we are unable to use safari (iphone and ipad) for viewing shapespark mdoels. It loads, but then basically looks like you are stuck in a wall/object and cannot move.

Any suggestions on fixes or future updates?

We are not aware of any general Safari issue, so it sounds like the problems might be related to particular scenes. Could you share links to the scenes with us, so we could take a look at it? (You can use forum’s private message if the scenes aren’t public.)

Thank you for the rapid response! I have the problems on all of my projects actually, please see links below. apparently i can only share two link so here are the first two anyway:

I would say maybe it is my device, but its both on my iphone and ipad (given they are pretty old models, but software is up-to-date)

Do you perhaps have experimental WebGL2 enabled on these devices? This doesn’t yet work with Shapespark.

We have an upcoming fix that guarantees that Safari will always use WebGL1 even if this experimental features is enabled, but the fix is not yet released.
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Ah yes, youre absolutely right - that should do the trick! thank you