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Safari video texture loading problem

I am using a translator.

Good morning.

We are self-hosting and developing by extracting the Shapespark project as a bundle.

I succeeded in running the Shapespark bundle with React.js, and I am serving it on Amazon AWS EC2.

I sometimes use a video texture on the wall, so after adding it, it works fine in Chrome, but there is an error in Safari.

When testing in a local environment, video textures are loaded normally.

On the server, .buf and .basis files are loaded normally,
Video textures cannot be loaded.

The first summary is state 0,
Requests and responses are headerless.

On the second request,
It operates normally in 200 status on the server
Request and response headers are present.

Attach the network status as a screenshot.

I need help.


Your web-server returns only 2 headers: date and content-type. It may be enough for Chrome/FF but may be a problem for Safari. I found a similar discussion on StackOverflow where they agreed that the Range header is required by Safari to play video content:

You can also try to upload the scene to our cloud hosting, confirm that it works on your devices and compare returned headers (maybe content-length is required too?).

I hope it helps.

@tomek Thank you for answer. :grinning:
Let’s check that link.
I hope this is resolved.

I am managing videos in a database.
We solved this by receiving a video with a ‘GET’ request and replacing the video texture after loading.

I leave it in case it will help.

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