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Same image file but different quality

Hi guys,

In my space, there were 2 same-sized frames with some dummy images.

And I have switched some dummy images with the same image file as below.

But as you can see, the quality is different in the frames…

For the first one, I can clearly read the text but can’t read the second one.

the images files is the same file and even checked the ‘Texture conversion settings’ as well.

All the logic and the process was identical even the size of the frame and the texture.

Did anyone have the same problem or know the solution for this issue?

Thank you!

Have you disabled GPU compressed formats and Auto scale resolution for these textures? And have you uploaded the scene afterwards? Uploading is necessary for the texture to be regenerated after you change texture conversion settings.


Hi @wojtek, yes I have disabled the two options and checked the result after uploading.

Same process with the same image file in the same-sized frame but the different results.

I can’t understand the logic behind this issue.

Please let me know if you could give me any clue!

@Cob_KYU, could you share a link to the scene with us (via a private message or an email to, so we could take a closer look at the issue?