Save as / clone project

Hello, I would like to explore few combinations of lighting scenarios.
Is there any way to clone my project so I don’t have to start anew everytime?

Hello. The scenes are stored in C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\Documents\Shapespark, you can make copies of the scene that you are working on to explore different combinations.

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I haven’t tried this, but if you duplicate a project and re-name it will that cause a material link conflict?

From my experience, I can say that this is not a problem. I duplicated a whole scene to have 2 different facade versions. After that, I renamed one of the folders and during the export process, I updated that scene by just writing the new name of the scene folder in the scene name field in the export dialog.

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Tim is right, there is no hard link between a SketchUp file and a Shapespark scene, during the update from SketchUp you can enter a different scene name and it will work correctly.

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@jan I have duplicated a scene in the documents / shapespark folder (The same folder I transfer to and from when baking a scene on a separate workstation which works fine in terms of export / update) but it does not show up as a scene in Shapespark for me to be able to edit. Is this no longer possible?

I have an uploaded scene which I have now made significant changes to, but I don’t want it uploaded live on the currently link and need to keep the original live for those who have the existing link and want the currently uploaded scene useable / intact in case I suffer performance issues due to increase geometry and textures in my updates.

Can you advise on what I may do to duplicate a scene / project successfully.

Thanks as ever!


Please check if your new scene name follows the naming rules from this post: Cloned project locally but not showing in editor - #2 by wojtek

Thanks @jan perfect sorted! as ever fabulous speedy support