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Save textures. Material library with presets

H @wojtek, in other renders programs, when you make a good texture you can saved it. Can you make this option in shapespark? Make a material library with presets will be a time saver for us!

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@jorgearq, we have it on our list, but there is no ETA for it.

What you could do for now is to maintain:

  • a base 3D model with a material pool containing materials most often used by you,
  • a base Shapespark scene created from this 3D model with all the materials configured

Then for each new project, you would start from the base 3D model and create a copy of the base Shapespark scene in Documents\Shapespark. When the first version of your 3D model is ready you wouldn’t export it as a new Shapespark scene, but update the existing scene - the just created copy of the base scene. This way the Shapespark properties for materials from your base pool would be already configured.

When the scene is finished, you might remove the material pool to reduce the scene size.

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OK, I got it. Is the way that I doing right now.