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Scene can’t load on iphone

We’ve created the following scene with Shapespark: 3D scene . Everything works fine on desktop and tablet device, but when one tries to open it in iPhone, the scene loads and then the whole page refreshes again and starts loading from the beginning. Could you tell us what we’re doing wrong here, because I’ve seen multiple projects with Shapespark running on iPhone.

Greatly appreciate your feedback!

The geometry has 15.9 million triangles which is too much for mobile devices. For mobile it would be best to stay below 5 million triangles, you would need to optimize or replace some high-poly objects to achieve this.

Shapespark editor ‘Object’ tab shows objects sorted by the number of triangles which helps to identify the most complex ones. For example, the most complex object in the scene is the cloth panel which uses 2 million triangles:

To optimize it you could replace the panel with a texture.

There are also some high-poly plants or a bicycle with 1.2 million triangles. Many 3D object libraries online contain ‘low-poly’ objects kits that you could use instead of such high-poly versions.