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Scene failed to load box

Uploading: F940EBC7-E00D-4D6D-B02D-95D5FBAB4882.jpeg…

I dont know how to solve this issue , may i have some help :pray:t2:

Scene failed to lead box

Could you send us a link to this scene? If this happens only from time to time, it could be some network problems.

Now i have another one
And i do unistall and install shapespark and 3dmax was not running but still not help

The error is related to exporting IES light profiles attached to light sources in 3ds max. Could you try to rename the light profiles? It is seems that they currently have very long file names which could be the cause of the error. Or try to temporarily remove the IES profiles and see if it fixes the issue.

Already tried that but not works
Change the name and delete all the ies in the scene but i have the same error

Now i get a new error ! What is bad allocation please

Could you share the 3ds Max file with us, for example via to

Why this happening when iam trying to export scene to shapespark
Turns the 3dmax file off without explaination

Hi, could you share the 3ds Max file that has this problem with us for testing (via We are aware of two problems in the 3ds Max exporter that could be causing this and that will be fixed in the upcoming Shapespark release, but 3ds Max file would allow us to confirm if this is one of these two problems, or something else.

this is the we transfer link with the 3d max file

Thank you, we are testing this.

This issue has been fixed in Shapespark 2.3.4. Could you update your Shapespark installation and check if you can successfully export your 3ds Max model now?