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'Scene Failed to load" error stays on screen after scene has loaded

Hi, I have uploaded a bundle of my scene to hosting platform, the scene loads completely but the error message window saying ‘Scene Failed to load…’ stays on the screen.
Here is the link please check : 3D scene
I need to find a solution to this problem as soon as possible and any help will be appreciated.


Hi, very nice scene!

To check which resource fails to load you can open a Chrome developer tools (F12), go the Network tab and reload the scene. The failures are shown in red. In your case the problem is with a texture:
journal_proc.php.basis. Your server could be misinterpreting this texture as a .php script file. Renaming this texture file and setting it again from the Shapespark editor should fix the problem.

Thank you for your kind words!!
And thank you so much for solution, it worked!!!


Ahmed overhere, under a new username because, life…well! recently we created a quite efficient scene with good looks overall but we are getting some weird message when accessing the scene through EDGE or FIREFOX, after inspecting the errors it says that some font is missing but…howcome? we are not touching anything under that scope, here’s the link:

When using chrome there are no warnings nor errors!


I’m getting an error for this scene in browsers with uBlock origin ad-blocking extension installed. Do you also have this extension?
The problem is with a texture: AD4.A.basis, uBlock origin blocks downloading of this texture, most likely because it has AD in the name.

well on my side uBlock extension is installed but I think on the other user’s browser it isn’t, but thanks for the found, I’ll get down to it.