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Scene failed to load issue for Android


In my galaxy phone, some scenes are loaded successfully but some are not. (My iphone and laptop works)

The difference between the loaded scenes and failed scenes are only dates.

Recently uploaded scene are not loaded. (Previously uploaded scenes are successful to load before update of Shapespark)

So I guess maybe there is some issue in the recent update or something?

The URL of my scene is :

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Thank you

Unfortunately, we are unable to reproduce this load failure on our Android devices. Do they occur on every load of the problematic scene, or are you able to sometimes load the scene successfully?

By the way, your gallery has some art works with small text. Such textures will be more readable if you disable texture compression and scaling for them with this recently added button:

For example, this texture:

Looks like this with GPU compression and automatic scaling disabled:

The problematic scenes are not loaded in the android phones at all. No success until now.

We found that the problematic scenes are not loaded when we open the link by clicking the URL sent by Korean messenger app like WhatsApp.

If we copy and paste the URL into just web browsers, the problematic scenes are loaded successfully.

It is strange because other scenes are loaded well even we use the messenger app.

By the way, thank you for letting me know the new feature for making the better quality of my gallery.

Are you able to inspect and send to us how the URL from the messenger app look like?

I can think of two potential causes: either the app modifies the URL somehow and it stops working (we have encountered such a problem before). Or the app has some custom built-in browser that for some reason fails to load this version of the scene.

Hi Jan,
The same thing happens to my scenes when I try to open them via the Android messenger app…It simply won’t redirect /open scenes( pls see an attached pic)… It works perfectly on Apple mobile devices.
Are there any solutions or tips for the problem?
Thank You

Unfortunately, we cannot force the Messenger app to open links in the regular browser, instead of the built-in one. So, you have to either manually copy-paste scene URL to the regular browser for selected links, or change the app settings to always use the regular browser: Facebook and Messenger: how to open links in external browser