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Scene failed to load?


The ‘scene failed to load box’ stays in the middle of my screen, even thought the scene has loaded. ANy solutions to getting rid of this error box?



Could you upload this scene if you haven’t done it so far? We’ll take a look at the issue.

Hi Wojtek,

I reloaded the scene from sketchup and am in the middle of rendering it again. If this doesn’t help I will upload it to you.

Thanks for the quick reply


Thanks for sending the scene, @JOHN.

It looks like some issue with the hosting - for a reason we do not know yet one of the uploaded textures is inaccessible.

For now, could you remove the texture from the material named 120x60 and reupload the scene? The texture seems to be filled with a solid color, so when you remove it, it will be automatically replaced with the equivalent base color.

OK wojtek, I’ll try that. Thanks. Does this happen much?

No. This is the first such a case I am aware of.

That solved the problem Wojtek, thanks.

Any idea why that material was affecting it?

It was not related to any of the materials nor anything in the scene. It was a hosting issue - the hosting incorrectly served the file, while the file itself was OK.

Cheers Wojtek, thanks