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Scene not fully loading on self hosted server

We finished a scene that we wanted to put on our server. The problem is that after bundling and uploading it, it does not fully load when I want to load it. It is different when I upload it to the Shapespark server. There it works well.
Do you have any idea what could be the reason for this behavior?
Link to the scene on our server: walk-through

@tim, which browser are you using and what parts of the scene are not loaded from your hosting? On my computer I don’t see any difference between the scene hosted on your server and the scene hosted on our infrastructure.

That said, there are some JavaScript errors in the developer’s console which we will investigate.

Reflections are not loaded. We get an error message from Shapespark to reload the scene.

The error messages that we see in the browser console are caused by a bug in the progressive loader. So far we are unable to reproduce the scene load failure. Could you temporarily disable the progressive loader (in the Viewer tab) and see if it helps? We are working on a progressive loader fix.

Yes, without the progressive loader it works fine.

I’m sorry to say that that didn’t help after all. The scene loads (sometimes) but still gives an error message or freezes.

@tim, could you capture browser logs while loading the scene, and send them to us?

For example, in Chrome on Windows you can access the Developer’s Console with logs by pressing the F12 key. The whole process is shown on this YouTube video: (thanks to the Salesforce Support team for providing this video).