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Scene upload well but nothing happens when I try to edit or preview!

Hi @jan, something wrong happened to me with this file, I upload to edit and when I try to edit the scene, the blue circle completed and nothing more happen!!!

this is the Scene.

This problem is caused by a number of objects in this scene (almost 900 thousand). Most often such large number of object is due to plant models for which each leave or branch is modeled as a separate object. Is this a case in your model?

Outside of the edit mode Shapespark merges objects with the same material, but in the edit mode this isn’t done. Even outside of the edit mode there is still some overhead for each object, so scenes with more than 20 thousand objects do not perform well.

Anyway, 900k objects is well above the current capabilities of the engine. You need to identify in SketchUp which of the models are composed of large number of objects and replace them.

Thanks @jan, I will try to find some vegetation with low poly but great realism! If you know some web site with tropical trees with that característics please let me know.