Scenes Transformed into Standalone EXE and Android APK for Offline Exploration (Fireaway Pizza Shop)

Hello Wonderful Community,

I hope you’re all doing fantastic! I wanted to share something cool that I’ve been working on recently. You know how sometimes those awesome scenes we create can take long time to load, especially if the internet isn’t being too friendly or the scene is too big. Well, I’ve found a solution to make our experiences way smoother. So, I decided to convert some of my scenes into offline formats. This means you can explore them without any pesky loading times, whether you’re showing them off to clients, friends or simply having your own adventure.

I attempted the conversion of 2 different scene types to better comprehend potential execution issues. Here, you’ll find instances of these scenes alongside their corresponding EXE and APK files. Since I’m a new user, I’ll have to create separate posts in accordance with community guidelines, which restricts the number of links and media per post. Without further ado, let’s start with the first scene.

  1. Fireaway Pizza Shop with Alpha Video Texture

Stay curious and keep exploring,
Vivek Trivedi