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Search bar or fuzzy search

Hello Team,

How can we add search bar or search placses.

Please help

Thanks in advance

Wish you all Happy New year 2022

Please Help

I dnt know why no one is replying. Where is support team???

This is really hard to understand

Hi, I’m not sure what search bar would you like to add, but Shapespark doesn’t have such an option.

Thanks for reply. I am asking for search bar to search and place or x y z coordinates or scene we mark.

This is very useful when we are working for some big project , where number or mark places are more.

Please help if possible


What you can do now to organize your extensions, is you can name your extensions with some meaningful names and search for the names using the Filter input:

Another way to find an extension is to click on a trigger in the 3D preview:
and the extension related to this trigger will become selected in the editor:

Also on this list the eye icon will move the camera to show where the trigger is placed in the 3D preview.

Thnaks for reply Jan. this is very informative.

But i want search and filter in output file not in editor mode. so any person can search scene and places.

Hope this have some solution.


In the final scene there is no such option.

Ok, please one more thing.

i figure out how we can make 2 actions ex change view and on click script action in one click. But i want to know how to give time delay to run second action js script . so it load when viewn change completely done.

Please help it very important.


If you want to perform some action when view switch is done you can register an onViewSwitchDone callback:

Thanks. how to to trigger time delay ex 5 sec to second action.


You can use the setTimeout function: Window setTimeout() Method.