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Seeking Shapespark Expert

I have been investigating many architectural visualization software options for use in our house configurator at I am planning to proceed to use Shapespark. Although it is missing one key feature (geometric configurator functionality) I am quite happy with the quality vs performance and overall workflow from Sketchup to published. I also am quite impressed with the responsiveness of the developers and the ongoing improvements.

I am looking to hire someone to work with us ongoing in a consulting relationship to use their skills to bring our basic Sketchup house designs to life using Shapespark.

Anyone interested in working with us can comment here (if that’s not appropriate on this forum just let me know and I can edit this post) or email me at




Thanks to everyone who contacted me that was willing to help. We have found an experienced company to work with and I am excited to be working with them to build product configurator using Shapespark.