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Separate floor & ceiling geometry creating bake artifacts?

Hey folks, I’m running into an odd issue where I’m getting baking artifacts after baking on the walls at the ceiling and floor edges, see attached images. I’m baking with 900 samples at 130 global resolution.

This could be my issue: My ceiling and floor are each a single plane (but separate objects) intersecting the walls by a small margin. This has never caused an issue with Vray baking interior scenes, but I suspect that I’ll need to append faces and close in the walls as a single piece of geometry.

Has anyone run into an issue with this?

Scene model geometry. Exterior walls removed where possible to reduce bake map size:

You could keep the outer walls surfaces. Instead of removing them set the lightmap resolution for them to 1.

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Interesting! Ok we’ll give that a shot.

Could you send us this scene (eg. by uploading it to our hosting), so we could take a closer look?

What @tim said can help here. The white artifacts look like if there were bright “inside the walls”, and this brightness were leaking into the visible part of the ceiling.

@wojtek Here is the hosted scene:

Let me know if you’d like me to upload the model scene .fbx file and where I should upload it. Also, thanks for the quick support on this!

Thanks. It is called lightmap light leaking. Some of the top-most lightmap pixels for the walls are partially below the ceiling plane and partially above the ceiling plane. Where they are more above than below light leaks from the outside to the inside. (The same for bottom-most lightmap pixels for the walls and the floor).

To fix it please add outer surfaces for the ceiling and floor (like with vertical walls).

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll give that try. Appreciate the help