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Server Technical Requirments

Hi Guys

Trying to get some work from a bank, (they have an art gallery)
They are asking me 100 questions I don’t understand.

Any help appreciated
I assume a perpetual licence will be mandatory?

  • What are the server requirements for hosting?
  • Do you support any cloud host or server?
  • What Network Ports and Protocols?


From The Bank
"Please can I ask that you complete the following.

  1. Kindly complete the attached SAAS & PAAS Template
  2. Architecture requirements :
    Architecture diagram:
    Must show the infrastructure required to host the application
    Must show port usage throughout architecture
    Must detail the regions data is held
    Application Architecture:
    High level view of the application frameworks
    High level view of API frameworks
    High level view of DB frameworks.
    Data flow diagram
    Data flow from users to application, (Please list Personal identifying data in the process)
    Data processing
    Any data controls at each stage (Data validation, Data reconciliation)
    Any document that shows a high level user journey to give us and the audience context around the solution."

@my3ideas, does the bank plan to host a scene on their own infrastructure (and not use video meetings)? It sounds like the best approach for them. In such a case the scene bundle that you’d deliver to them would be a set of static assets to serve from their WWW hosting. The assets are HTML, CSS, JavaScript and scene data files (binary geometry files + textures - images). The only application needed to host a Shapespark scene is an HTTP server: . The only communication between the browser of the scene visitor and the server is regular HTTP communication (HTTP GET requests) to fetch scene assets when the scene is loaded.

We did suggest this, however they then came back with the above questions.
I like your reply, I could not find those words, have a discussion later today.
If we can reach an understanding there will be ongoing work, so lets hope