Seven twin houses

Hey guys, this is my newest scene: 7 twin houses with facades, two cars and full decoration of two of them (twin houses are quite popular in Brazil, and we call them “geminado”, something like “twined”).

Hope you like it, and any seggestion to improve the scene will be welcome!


Thank you for sharing your scene! My suggestion would be to reduce the transparency of the glass railing of the stair. It is nearly not visible.

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Nice work.
what was the render time and what setting was used?

i have spent 2 hours to make a 40m2 event stand, using a Ryzen 9 3900x 12-core

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Great advice, @tim! I set the transparency to 0 to get more sun light inside the houses and I forgot to reduce it back after the bake. I will do this, thanks!

@Rafael_Lamounier, it took 20h to bake it, on a ordinary i5 with nothing special laptop. The settings was 400 samples, 75 lightmaps for the interiors and cars, 10 for the garages and 5 for the rest. The sun strength was set by 8 and I also made some adjustment constrast (+1 inside and -1,5 outside).



But when I view with oculus Go + oculus browser, imagine is very lagging and with black frame.
I think it is because oculus Go can’t keep up with the calculation.

This scene is too complicated for it to handle. But wireless viewing via webpage is such a great experience.

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Thanks for your words @de_h !