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Shapespark acquisition announcement


We are excited to share the news that Shapespark is now a part of the Glodon Group.

Glodon is a Chinese company that was founded in 1998 and went public on the Shenzhen stock exchange in 2010. The company provides professional software and services to the construction industry. Glodon has around 6000 employees with offices and subsidiaries in China, the United States, Finland, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, and now Poland.

Shapespark will continue to operate as a Polish company. Our new management director is Dr. Lang Sheng Yun, the CTO of Glodon, with the two Shapespark founders Wojciech Matyjewicz and Jan Wróbel acting as the board members. We will continue to develop our product and technology, and we plan to expand the team in the Krakow office with additional engineers. See our job openings and apply or drop us a line if you know the right candidate.

We are sure that working with Glodon will accelerate the development and growth of Shapespark and help us better serve our customers.


Good look! We wish the best for everybody! :+1:t3::muscle:t3::clap:t3:


I think this is a right decision. This will bring you the resources you need to grow and stay competitive in this market. And with some luck you will also have a day off from time to time :wink:

I really hope that your flexibility and creativity will not be affected by this.


Good luck @jan and @wojtek on this new path!


I remember that the 3ds studio was launched by Kinetix. After that it was bought by Autodesk. Today it is a legendary and powerful tool 3ds MAX.
Good luck!


More resources and market opportunities its a no brainer. Good luck hope you can still steer the ship and don’t run aground!


Congratulations and good luck! Can’t wait to see whats in-store for the product in the future!