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Shapespark adding lines on model after import


I’m having trouble with a 3D model after I add it on Shapespark.
It creates lines where they don’t exist.

3D model wireframe:

3D model on Shapespark:

Initially I thought it was related to the limits of the Light Probe but the limits exceed the wall model

Is this some object size limitation of Shapespark? Do I need to reduce the size of the wall?

Hope you can help me find a solution.


It’s possible that you need to divide thse walls so they will be biuld from few smaller poligons not one big one. Also It looks like a problem with smoothing. Please check if in Blender this object has some Auto Smoothing turned on?

If you will have any further problems You can also send me (in a private message) a scene from blender just with this object and I wiil take a look at it.