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Shapespark Extension not installing

I am currently having an issue where the Shapespark extension is not correctly installing in Sketchup. I receive the following error when I launch Sketchup and I cannot use any of the extension features.

Error: #<Errno::ENOENT: No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen - C:\Users\TerryN\AppData\Local/Shapespark/app-1.8.1/resources/su-exporter/VERSION>
c:/users/terryn/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2018/sketchup/plugins/shapespark_exporter.rbs:32:in read' c:/users/terryn/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2018/sketchup/plugins/shapespark_exporter.rbs:32:inmodule:Exporter
c:/users/terryn/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2018/sketchup/plugins/shapespark_exporter.rbs:8:in <module:Shapespark>' c:/users/terryn/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2018/sketchup/plugins/shapespark_exporter.rbs:6:in
SketchUp:1:in `eval’

Online it says that the extension should install automatically. Is the anyway to either fix this or get a .rbz file version of the extension so I can install it manually.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @Mlanky,

For some reason SketchUp cannot read one of the extension files.

Could you check in Windows Explorer if the file C:\Users\TerryN\AppData\Local/Shapespark/app-1.8.1/resources/su-exporter/VERSION exists?

Independent from whether it exists, could you try uninstalling and installing Shapespark again (with SketchUp closed)?

C:\Users\TerryN\AppData\Local/Shapespark/app-1.8.1/resources/su-exporter/VERSION does not exist.

When I install Shapespark I get a error that the setup cannot find C:\Users\TerryN\AppData\Local/Shapespark/Log and I have to manually create one in order to complete the installation. This is likely why the extension folder is not being created either.

I have also installed Shapespark using administrator mode and this did not fix the issue. All of it was done with Sketchup closed.

@Mlanky, could you try the following procedure:

  1. Uninstall Shapespark
  2. Restart Windows
  3. Install Shapespark (as your regular user, not using administrator mode; SketchUp should not be running).
  4. Run SketchUp and check if the extension works.

If it does not help, could you report the problem from the “Help & Support” tab of the Shapespark application, so that we could analyze the logs gathered by the application? Also, could you send us the installer log file: C:\Users\<YOUR-USER>\AppData\Local\Shapespark\SquirrelSetup.log?

In some cases Shapespark installation issues are caused by anti-virus false alarms. May I ask if and what anti-virus you are using?