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hi, i would like to upload files in a way that the shapespark brand is not visible in the web adress. How can i do that? preferrably without having to host it myself.

Ok, I know now that I have to create a CNAME to connect my wordpress and Shapespark. But I don’t know exactly how, can anyone help me out?

This is how far I came.

Shapespark settings:
Wordpress Settings:

Any clues?

Could you try - without the trailing dot? Perhaps this UI assumes implicytly there is always a dot at the end of the alias.

Hi, that seems to work on the wordpress side. Still the shapespark string is still visible on the webpage, does it tamke some time to set up?

Yes, it takes around 1h for the change to be reflected.

It’s working!! thank you very much!

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