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Shapespark meets Google Drive

Just thought I would share my first model. It was built for a student exhibition, so I decided to use Google Drive for generating and hosting all the embedded content. This made it easy for the students to adjust and stylize the content themselves.


Really great work. I loved the dashed boxes as navigation targets.

This is great and something I think it would be useful for me to use.
Could you explain how you did this and specifically how you were able to create a slideshow of images and information?
Also what the process from having information such as images and info on drive and embedding it into the html picker.

I created a google slide presentation for each html label, that is where I added all content and functionality. From google slides I selected File>publish to the web> Embed. I copy and pasted the embed code into the Shapespark extensions: HTML label. I removed the standard google slide formatting by adding “&rm=minimal” to the end of the google url, and adjusted the height and width to 100%. Then I customized the Shapespark styling for the .ext-popup-content window by adding a body-head file. Hope this helps!


Can you show me your presentation? I tried but still failed. thank you