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Shapespark on Oculus Go

Did anyone here ever try to run Shapespark in a browser on an oculus go? And does it work?

What do yo mean by run it in a browser? I’ve used oculus rift via the browser, firefox and chrome. Not sure if that’s what you mean though.

Is there a browser available when I use an Oculus Go which can display Shapespark models? I ususally copy files to the Coculus Go. But does it come with a browser app that can run WebGL/Shapespark?

Okay. That looks good. Thank you @Michael_Campbell

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@wojtek and @jan
I tested a Shapespark scene on an OculusGo. Not a very convincing experience. Everything is pretty jerky and edges that are a little further away are pretty flickering. Also, no reflections are supported.
I also tested it with Firefox Reality but then in the representation, many areas are missing. Do you have any influence in providing a better performance here? Oculus Go is the beginning, in 2019 Oculus Quest is coming and this is really something people could use to experience architecture easily and wirelessly. And it is not too expensive.

Firefox problem seems like it could be some generic lack of RAM related issue, not necessarily related to VR. How large was the scene that you have tested?

By no reflections do you mean no reflections at all, or blurrier mirror like reflections? OculusGo is most likely detected as a mobile device and on mobile the resolution of light probes is limited, but this should result only in blurrier reflections on mirrors.

Flickering distant edges is something that we see is some form on all VR devices, although on high resolution Rift and Vive the problem is reduced. The VR on mobile is handled in two ways: native on browsers that support WebVR specification or via a polyfill on browsers that do not support WebVR. Could you try to add a hash #vrhi to the URL and see if it reduces flickering (if yes, it means that the polyfill is used).

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It is not a big scene. It’s the Apartment which you already know.

No reflections are visible at all.

I tested it with the hashtag but there is no improvement. Still the same flickering on edges which are a bit further away as before.

#vrhi to the end of name scene made it with better resolution in movil devices? Wish browsers get better with this hash?
This hash is basic for a vr experience, right?

Yes, #vrhi increases mobile VR resolution, #vrlo decreases it.

On most mobile devices frame rate with #vrhi is too low. We use WebVR polyfill library for VR on mobile devices and the authors of this library by default use resolution settings that is equivalent to our #vrlo .