Show/Hide material picker

Hi All,

Is it possible to trigger action to ‘show/hide’ material picker on demand/condition in the tour?
I am look at a scenario where I have two variants of a model and both have different colours/textures to be configured with. For now working with invisible model of icons but it may not be best way going forward.

It is ideal to list these options in the scene/view configurator but it is missing now.


Do you want to show/hide the material picker, or just the material picker trigger?

ONLY the material picker (the bruch icon for ex)

I see. In this case the way to go is to use triggers being regular scene objects (modeled in the 3D tool). A scene object can be used as an extension trigger when you configure the extension to use Object type triggers. Then, you could hide the trigger objects in certain views using the Custom hide in views option, or switch the visibility of the trigger objects with the Switch objects extension.

true that, that scheme works easily but it would be so apt to have “extensions” also listed while changing scenes to hide/show.