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Showing a different result on viewer vs editor

Please help me with this. The viewer is showing a different result compared to editor’s view

Shapespark Editor View:

Viewer View and when I uploaded it:

@jamescastillo, could you share a link to the scene with us, so we could take a closer look at it?

Hi Wojciech, please see the link below.

Whenever I view it on viewer or on a broweser. It becomes brighter.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Wojciech,

Is there any update on this topic? all of my scenes without a background have the same issue.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I have another issue with the viewer. please see the screenshot below.

Shapespark Editor View

Viewer View

Please help.

The second issue is caused by UV mapping being removed during the upload, as a scene size optimization, because the default cabinet material doesn’t use textures. If you replace the solid color with an equivalent solid color texture (1x1 is enough), the UV mapping will be preserved during the upload, and the material picker will work OK.

We are still investigating the first issue.

Hi Wojciech, Yes thank you. I figured that one out :slight_smile:

I’ve sent an you email about the custom domain with godaddy. Please let us know if we did the right thing.

The difference is caused by extensions, including Switch objects extension, not running in the editor unless you enter the Viewer tab. This means that when light probe images are captured during the scene initialization, in the editor all the drawer versions are captured, whereas in the viewer only one of them. In the first case the light probe is occluded from all sides, whereas in the second only from one side, which leads to a much brighter light probe image.

Would it work if you moved the light probe above/below/behind the cabinet?

If you would like to have a more interesting light probe image, you can try the following tricky approach:

  • Add a sky texture in the Sky tab. It may be the same one as on your sphere enclosing the scene or a different one.
  • Place the light probe outside your sphere, so that it captures the image provided by the sky texture from the Sky tab.

Hi Wojciech,

Thank you for your response. I will try your suggestions and let you know if that will work.

Here’s the scene where I removed the sphere and other lights but still has the same problem with the viewer.

Thanks so much,

Do you mean there’s still a brightness difference between the editor and the uploaded scene?

Yes. There’s still a brightness difference. without the added background/sphere.

Have you moved the light probe above/below/behind the cabinet for reasons explained in my above post?

The trick with placing light probe between your own sphere and the sky was to darken the image captured by light probes. However, the most important thing for consistent editor/viewer reflections is to move the light probe outside the drawer alternatives.

Hi Wojciech,

This is noted. :slight_smile: Thank you for explaining how the light probes work.

Appreciate all the support.


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