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Showroom work in progress

Hello everyone, I’ve being using shapespark for a couple of days now and wanted to show my WIP to get some feedback. By the way, great piece of software!

I have a question for the devs, what are the requirements to host scenes on our own cloud service? We are planning to buy the full license but want to make sure we can host and share form our website ( Is there any chance we can get this sample as a bundle so we can try? or any other working sample, just to test and make sure we can do it.

Thanks in advance.


Great work, thank you for sharing it!

A sample bundle is here:
The bundle is just a collection of static assets files, so it doesn’t require any special server infrastructure. But the hosting needs to allow to configure Content-Encoding headers. Many file types in a bundle are compressed and they need to be served with Content-Encoding: gzip header, otherwise browsers won’t decompress them correctly.

For example, if your hosting provider uses Apache server and allows you to set own .htaccess config file (most do), you can just use .htaccess file included in the bundle and the scene should load correctly.

Thanks for the quick reply @jan Glad yu liked it!

I’ll check right away with our IT department and make sure we are able to host on our end.


Hello @jan

We use IIS 7.5 running on Windows 2008 R2 machines.

I did some research and it seems we just need to enable Dynamic Content Compression in IIS to allow the Content-Encoding: gzip header.

I did this change on the QA site and I can see the server is sending back Content-Encoding: gzip in the response header:


Our Cloud expects the root of the presentations file to be called Presentation.htm, so I renamed the index.htm file in the sample archive to this, compressed it then uploaded it and this was the result I got:

any thoughs? Thanks in advance.

I’m not 100% sure, but it looks like it could be compressed twice. The resources in the bundle are already compressed, so if IIS compress them again, the result won’t work.

Is this QA site publicly available? If so, could you share a link with

Thanks again @jan

I’ll send it rigth away.

That is a really good looking scene @rmolina! Only missing light sources in the lamp shades :slight_smile: but all the details and lighting is very nice

Thanks @Kuba sorry for the late reply. This was our first test and some details were missed but it was a good start for us!