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Simple art gallery

Hi All!

we recently completed a small and simple art gallery. It doesn’t include any complex interactions but it was constructed in a modular way in Blender to allow our client with no 3D experience to reorganize it an create new exhibitions on their own. The other challenge was to give it enough visual quality that screengrabs created by visitors would work as photos from real exhibition in social media.



I like the way the gallery withdraws itself to highlight the works. The lens flare on the lights is a nice idea but maybe a little too strong? The plant and gravels are looking good.
Good job!


Hi @Kuba
I like your artgallery .
the way you move up the stairs is very nice, can you tell me how you do it?

Thanks @Mr_i8studio! To enable movement on the stairs you have to enable “autoclimb” option in camera tab and than check “walk on” for the stair meshes in object tab.


@Kuba can you talk more about how the client can reorganize? Can they change the artworks completely? Do major changes require a re-upload of the model?

Hello budy, how are you? please how did you achieve this effect?


Hi @paulocp39, this is just a simple geometry - some cones with different bottom radius with a semitransparent png texture applied and emissive material. Just remember to disable collisions on this type of objects :slight_smile:

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