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Simple chat application

I made a simple chat application that uses google firebase. Easy to set-up and modify to your needs. If you are interested, you can find the modified body-end.html in > . Showcase here > There is also some additional functionality like leaving a business card for forums and some cookie stuff, but they are all in Finnish. Translated version of the chat is in Github! If you are interested but instructions are not clear, because they probably aren’t, feel free to ask for help here in the forums so others can benefit of your questions too! :slight_smile:


Very nice, thank you for sharing!

Is the cookie acceptance banner and the cookie config button implemented by you or is it something provided by Firebase automatically?

It’s all mine, the big banner in the beginning and also the button with a smaller banner. I can make a translated version if community needs one.

It’s been a pleasure to work with @Jumbe! If any of you need help with custom features, I warmly recommend contacting him.


Another simple, robust and free chat application is

I implemented it these days and I find it easy and very complete.
I recommend it to you


I am interested in adding a cookie banner similar to yours. I have used this function to create the banner

  function hideBanner() {
  var viewer = WALK.getViewer();

But I don’t know how to link buttons to accept cookies, I’m a newbie to programming. Could you show me how to do it?

If you don’t have experience with HTML perhaps a service like: GDPR/ePR compliant cookie banners from Cookiebot or similar would be a better option. They would give you a ready HTML snippet to copy-paste so you don’t need to create any HTML buttons by yourself.