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Simplygon - optimization of objects


Has anyone already tested Simplygon? What are the experiences of working with him?

It is also interesting that Unreal’s solution displays remote objects with a smaller number of polygons.


Simplegon is an incredible tool for reducing dense meshes into usable assets for Shapespark. I highly recommend giving it a try, especially if you’re already using a Maya/Max workflow since there’s a plugin.

Microsoft is allowing the web use SDK version for free, which is incredible since it used to be strictly available via a $25k license.


Thank you @impulse,
I spend a lot of time in optimizing objects for webgl. I still do not understand how to integrate into Max.
He attracted my interest as UE and Unity use it. It opened my eyes about the huge scenes in games. The distance from the camera and the number of the polygons to display the object with Simlygon are defined. Do you think this is also applicable to webgl?


Yes, I think it would be applicable to anything where polycount is an important factor in performance, especially for mobile applications or lightweight browser viewers/engines.


Yes, there is a large percentage of internet searches via mobile phones. This is my statistics, but I believe it does not deviate much from others.

I was able to install Simplygon for free (for Max). The first impressions are very serious, much better than the Max options. Do you have any advice?
It looks like free usage of their cloud service is only 1h / month?


Remeshing by visibility or deleting inner faces
This is still new for me. I’ve experimented with this option and I want to share experiences with you. This option is good for optimizing the bed with bedding or folded towels.
In this test, I didn’t want to optimize the outer surfaces (as this usually works very well), but only the deletion of the internal ones. I used the sphere with highest fidelity.

Does anyone want to try it? It would be good to exchange experiences.