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Sketchup Export Error "Cannot assign image material to model entities"

Exporting from Sketchup Pro 2019 gives me this error “Cannot assign image material to model entities” every time i try and move my model from sketchup to the desktop editor.

My coworker was able to upload the model in Sketchup 2018, but i need to be able to edit the model on my machine with my licence. Any suggestions why the export isn’t working? Corrupted material file?


@leescobar, we are able to successfully export models from SketchUp 2019, so the issue seem not to be related to SU 2019 in general, but to this particular file in SU 2019.

Could you send us ( the SU file for analysis, eg. using ?

Thanks for the response. Uploaded the sketchup file.

We have been ubable to reproduce this issue so far - the file is successfully exported from SU 2019 to Shapespark in our tests.

Have you tried closing SketchUp and opening the file again?

If the error occurs again, could you send us a problem report from the Help & support tab of the main Shapespark window. This will send us the log files of the Shapespark exporter, which will give us more information about the problem.