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Sketchup Scenes


Is importing sketchup scenes through the plugin on the roadmap? would be really helpful to bring our sketchup cameras/scenes into shapespark, will translate into time savings.


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We had support for this in very early versions of the plugin, but decided to drop it. It was difficult to keep the SketchUp cameras/scenes in sync with changes in the ‘Views’ done from the Shapespark editor. Shapespark has per view settings that are not available in SketchUp (camera type: ‘Walk’, ‘Top’, ‘Orbit’, ‘Hide from menu’ option). If SketchUp scene update could reposition, remove or rename a view it was difficult to figure out a reasonable strategy what to do to the views that were added or changed from the Shapespark editor.


Understood. The best workflow to have this feature would be to advice users to avoid any changes to sketchup scenes once the model has been uploaded to shapespark but I also understand the difficulty to force the user to do so.

Thanks for the info.

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