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Sky and sun how to fix it

Once more seeking for wisdom.
Can anyone tell me… more specifically how to make mi background brigther and reduse the “burn” value in my scene ?
Still i havent been able to fix thi:joy::joy:s :


For the sky it’s currently best to use a texture in a non-HDR format (eg. JPEG). So, if you have a HDR sky, you can tonemap it to non-HDR format using Photoshop or Luminance HDR (free). Then, when you use a non-HDR sky texture in Shapespark the sky will look like the input texture.

The “burn” in exterior scenes is usually caused by too strong sky. What strength have you used for it? And what opacity value have you used for the window glass materials? Maybe there is still a room for decreasing the sky strength and decreasing the window opacity (the latter to let more light inside)?

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