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Sky Texture change over change of view

Hello Team Shapespark,

Is it possible to change the Sky texture on change of “view”. I have shared a very small example of how it could look like, if it is possible.

Only one sky texture is supported. You can disable sky texture per views, but not use a different one.

Changing sky can be achieved ‘manually’ by mapping a sky texture a on large cylinder object surrounding the windows. You can have several such cylinders, each with a different texture and use Hide in views functionality to only show one such cylinder per view. Just remember to set Custom lightmap resolution to 0 for the cylinders to save lightmap space.

That’s a great workaround solution. I just love this forum to solve problems with such a great creativity. Thanks a lot @jan

Could you give me some inputs about what should be the ideal values when having a manual sky shown, with respect to the below aspects ?

  1. Size of the manual sky (in terms of width, height and length)
  2. Ideal shape - A full sized Dome or cylinder ?
  3. Ideal distance from model ? (Length from the center of the model)
  4. Ideal resolution of the sky image ?
  5. Solution on how to rotate the image ? Whether it should be done via Sketchup Texture rotate function, or something else ?


It depends on the type of the texture you have. If you have a 360 equirectangular panorama use a dome. If you have a panorama that don’t fully cover the view vertically use a cylinder.

Place your dome/cylinder in the center of the scene and make the size big enough to encompass the whole scene with some margin.

In Shapespark, the resolution of a regular texture applied to an object is automatically clamped to 2048x2048. For the sky I’d suggest to use maximum resolution allowed (you don’t have to downscale the image yourself - if you provide a higher-resolution image, Shapespark will downscale it).

After you apply the texture to the dome/cylinder, the easiest way to adjust the rotation is to rotate the dome/cylinder.