Sky Textures and How to Make It Look Good

Hi, I would just like to ask where do you guys get a good sky texture or how do you edit it in the shapespark? Because I tried downloading from pinterest or searching google, but once I import it, it looks so grainy and the scale is weird. Is it possible to rescale it while editing or should I put a sky in the sketchup file first before uploading it in shapespark?

Thanks in advance!


You can use HDRI textures like these ones: HDRIs: Skies • Poly Haven and upload it straight into Skapespark in Sky Tab:

The Sky texture should be a 360 x 180° equirectangular panorama, otherwise it will have visible stitches.

The texture maximum resolution is 4k.

Thank you so much! It looks much better now. Will definitely bookmark the link you sent.

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