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Slide video, images

Hi everybody. have a nice day.
I am having a problem related to sliding image instead of video. When I do, the video only plays 2-3 seconds, then automatically switch to another video when the video is not fully played. Don’t know if people have any fixes?
Thank you very much!

Could you share a link to the scene, so we could analyze the issue? If the scene isn’t public please send the link to or through the forum’s private message system.

Hello. I send you the link to test the video slide. can you check for me, please. Thank you very much.

@wojtek Hello. I am having trouble with embedding html in full screen. when I write a command full screen the window that pops up is not full screen. Can you help me answer this problem? Thank you very much.

Could you show the video slide error that you have on a screenshot / video screen capture? I think I don’t understand what your issue is.

It’s not enough to increase just the size of the iframe element. You would need to increase the size of the whole HTML label where the iframe element is placed. The default style for HTML label is defined in the style.css file located in the C:\Users\<YOUR-USER>\AppData\Local\Shapespark\app-<VER>\resources\webwalk directory (see: #ext-html-label-content), You can customize the CSS style by placing CSS snippets inside head-end.html file in your scene directory.

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