Slow loading time


I realize that the loading time of my tours become much longer. Is it something related to new version update?
What factors that can I adjust to decrease it?


Hi @Casey,
Could you provide a link to one of your scenes with increased loading time? If it’s hosted externally (not on, then maybe you could send us this scene in a packed .zip file?
This way we will be able to investigate this issue faster.

For me your scene loads in less than 20 seconds, when it’s stored in our cloud. I checked your scene and I don’t see any obvious problems which could cause slow loading times. Also there isn’t anything in the latest update which could cause slower loading times either.

Some additional questions:

  • Do you experience slow loading times with a scene which is hosted externally?
  • What do you mean by slow loading times? I.e. how many seconds does it take to load your scene?

Loading time: I count from clicking the play button til the menu view shows up and I am able to move around the scene. It takes me nearly 30s to load the scene (internal SS link)
If only counting the progress of the circle button then it is just around 5-8s but even when the progress icon is fully loaded, it stays there around 20s til I can see the menu and interact within the tour. And it happens to other tours as well.

Hi @Casey

We are trying to understand the issue you are experiencing.

We have been testing your scene hosted on our servers (shapespark cloud) on the one hosted on your own server. We have been using Chrome, Firefox, Safari and iOS Safari.

  • The scene hosted on our servers loads correctly in all browsers.
  • However the scene hosted on your server would not load correctly only on Safari or iOS Safari due to error while loading mp4 file - the file cannot load fully on Safari. (we are getting the same result as you described)

Can you confirm is this the case?
We are trying to narrow down the potential issue and try to find a solution.