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Slow Loading Tour

Hi ShapeSpark Team,

This is one of our first models that we’re looking to deliver to a client and we’re having trouble with slow loading.

It does the initial load after pushing play, starts to display black and white sort of version and then after the blue line goes across the top it finally loads the scene.

The scene is a 1 story house, we’ve tried to keep the poly count low so I’m not sure what else is causing these issues.

Can you please have a look at the model on the back end to let me know what we could do differently with this one of the next one to speed it up?


I think this scene is still rather a large one when considered for internet delivery. It has ~10M triangles, while we usually suggest to ideally have 2-3M triangles.

If you managed to decrease the number of triangles, the download time of the scene will decrease significantly.

You can find the most complex objects in your scene by analyzing the objects in the Objects tab. The tab gives you information on the number of faces (triangles) in the currently selected object and in the whole scene. The list of objects is sorted starting from the objects with the highest number of faces (at each hierarchy level), so you can identify the objects to replace/optimize by looking at the top of this list.

Then, you can find if there are any less relevant that could be removed without significant visual impact. In particular you can check roughness/metallic/bump textures.

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