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Slow reaction when use control panels

we have the problem that in the editor the control panels only react with a delay when typing.
The second problem is adjusting the camera height in the scenes. Here you often have to press two or three times before something happens and then it is often too much. The setting also often goes in the opposite direction or jumps back.
Is this all happening online?
However, we work with large models. 10 to 15 million polygons.
Thanks in advance for help.

The most common reason for the editor to work slowly is that the editor doesn’t perform objects merging optimization, so scenes that have thousands of objects can have low frame rate in the editor.

The most common source of such large number of objects are some plants models, for example if every leaf of a plant is modeled as a separate object, the scene can have very large number of objects.

Outside of the editor the objects with the same material are merged, so performance is improved. But 10-15 million polygons is a lot, such scene can work OK on better desktops, but will likely fail to load on mobile devices. In the Objects tab you can sort objects by the number of triangles to identify the largest ones and see if it is possible to replace them with some lower poly versions.