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Small interior with material picker

Recently new functionality were added to Shapespark - ability to add material picker to objects to make the interiors more interactive. I tested it quickly on an older scene and it is very easy to use and works great. Here you can see the effects:

My only important suggestion would be the ability to change colors or material on the blue balls that are used to select objects. Maybe flat icons with transparency would be more elegant.

You can also attach some HTML content and audio playback with the new functionality. It is all configured in the Viewer tab.



Looks really great, Jakub! Thank you for sharing.

I just want to say that I also support Jakub’s suggestion. Namely the possibility to adjust the markers. Maybe you can even replace them with your own icons. That would be nice.

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Shapespark 1.7 adds a way to change color of the speheres. We will be looking at other possible customization.

Until Shapespark has an order independent algorithm for handling transparent objects, it might be better not to make the spheres transparent to avoid transparency related artifacts for them. A sphere is such a simple shape that such artifacts would be rare, but possible if a sphere was placed next to some other transparent object with complex geometry.