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Some faces are broken. 몇몇 재질들이 깨집니다

I made a huge toilet.
엄청 큰 화장실을 만들었습니다.
It is 6X3.5m as area and 3m as height.

But the problem is that logo is broken.
하지만 로고가 깨지는 문제가 있습니다.
Eventhough I scaled up enough in Sketchup.
제가 스케치업에서 충분히 크기를 더 키웠는데도 말이죠.
(I think that is enough. 이정도면 충분히 키웠다고 생각합니다.)

And this my default cinfig.
그리고 이게 제 기본 config 내용입니다.


So, I fixed that.
그래서 저는 그걸 수정했죠.
So much times I fixed tat.
수없이 많이 수정했죠.


But it didn’t work, eventhough I restarted Shapespark so much times.
하지만 Shapespark를 수업이 재부팅했는데도 전혀 먹히질 않았습니다.

So, How can I do?!
어찌해야 합니까?!

Is it only the text that is broken and all the other objects in the model look correct? If so, would it be possible for you to share a SketchUp file with just the text with us (without the other model objects)? If you don’t want to disclose the text content, perhaps you could use some other content?