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Something Different! SpaceX Starship

Have you ever wanted to take a tour around a Starship? Well, now you can!
Welcome to the unofficial SpaceX Starship virtual tour.

This virtual tour was created to allow people interested in the Starship program to visualise and better understand how a crew could live, work, and socialise in confined spaces.
And how much storage/supplies would be required for long and short duration missions.

So we teamed-up with interior architect Paul King from Design to bring his out-of-this-world blueprints to life.

This virtual tour was created by My3Ideas, based on designs by Design Freedom. Thanks To: Paul King, Jennifer Christensen, Ryan Thomas and Dale Rutherford. or


Excelente! @my3ideas! Felicitaciones por este buen aporte! Una manera más de usar la herramienta de shapespark! Una buena manera de extender las posibilidades.


Excelente! This is the only word I understood… :grin: :grin: